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Our seafood and fish is always fresh. Just as everything else that we serve...

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

and is caught no more than one day prior to delivery. We know how sublime a fresh fish or seafood can taste if it is just properly stored and cooked.That's why we always want to guarantee you that you eat the very freshest and best fish and seafood at the Andersson's.

We try to only work with local suppliers in New York and Los Angeles. Why? They simply have the freshest products and we can check the quality ourselves. That's priority nr 1 in our preparation and cooking process.

A responsibility to take serious

We also feel that local suppliers and smaller grocery stores or suppliers need our help more than the giants. Maybe the prices sometimes are a bit higher than usual, but we happily pay that price. We believe that the economy of America was built on small businesses and their entrepreneurs, working and sometimes risking their lives for our well-being. It's our way to pay back. Simple as that.

You will always have the full information where your food was made and how fresh it really is. Thanks by newest technologies and innovations, that are disrupting old markets and behaviors, can we now have a complete insight to what we eat and consume.

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