• The Andersson´s

We deliver only in Tesla.

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

“Tesla has only being produced for 15 years, yet have they changed a whole world. We want to be a part of that.”

We deliver in the most efficient and ecological possible way there is. We truly care about the environment and therefore our largest mission is to lower the global warming and spread of harmful pollution.

Why Tesla

The primarily reason is to lower the pollution and global warming that affect us everyday.

Tesla is also much more inexpensive solution for deliveries. We have calculated that one delivered meal in Manhattan cost under $1, in LA around $2. That's why we can include sales tax, local taxes, tip and even delivery in the price. $99 dollar is the final price you pay.

Nothing more. You don't have to tip as well, all our workers are paid handsomely for their service. We believe in not only taking care of our guests, but also employees. That's how we create (hopefully..) a great experience at your dinner table.

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